Dr. Loomis is a San Diego based technical expert who has been engaged by major law firms as a technical expert to provide expert witness services relating to legal matters encompassing patent validity and infringement, trade secrets, product liability as well as USPTO Reexamination Proceedings and Inter Partes Reviews (IPR).

Areas of Technical Expertise Include:

  • Design, development and use of medical devices including implantable devices, delivery systems and devices for use in minimally invasive procedures.
  • Uses of advanced materials in intravascular applications including stents, vascular grafts, prosthetic cardiac valves, intravascular filters and intravascular catheters.
  • Preparation, purification and sterilization of biostable and biodegradable materials.Selection, evaluation, modification and manufacturing of materials for controlled release of pharmaceuticals from implantable medical devices.
  • Devices for the minimally invasive treatment of neurovascular disorders.
  • Use of advanced biomaterials in orthopedic applications.